Crearte Counseling

by Ingrid Guerrieri, LMFT

Creative explorations on identity,

relational ethics, and intentional 

and purposeful living.


I am Ingrid B Guerrieri, pronouns she/ella. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and an expressive arts therapist, who sees therapy as a collaborative partnership.

What if we made therapy a space for all of you? We usually think of therapy as a space to work on problems, shame, trauma, and diagnoses... as if that is all you've got going for you. What about your hopes, projects, stories, talents, and desires? 

My approach to therapy is strength-based, non-pathologizing, and creativity-inviting. I believe there's more to us than meets the eye... and more than one way of doing things.  

 Come as you are!

Telehealth therapy services 

for adults in the state of California

Therapy as a collaborative partnership

Reflection and transformation 

through conversation, movement, play, and art making